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Our next workshop:

Saturday 18 January/ 10:15am - 3:30pm

Business School, St. Peter's Campus,
Sunderland SR6 0DD

'A Different Script' - Mike Mavromichaelis.

After the December rigours of writing so many names and addresses for friends and family, relax with letters that are unfamiliar, our Roman letters with some eastern garb. Please bring a variety of nibs including some very wide with your usual writing kit. If you have one/them do also bring a 5mm calligraphy marker to get your hands moving. (It should be possible to borrow for this session.)

December’s mystery, bonus activity has been postponed to January so your involvement is much requested. - Mike

Northumbrian Scribes Calligraphic Calendar 2020 is now available.

Please email for information and sales.



SPRING EXHIBITION of Writing on the Wall

It’s a pleasure to bring to your attention that our successful September exhibition will have a further showing, this time at Jarrow Hall. Yes, it will be in that exhibition space which we used for so many years.

Public viewing starts on Wednesday 1st April and our work will remain on display until Sunday 10th May. Thus, our calligraphy will be on show over the Easter and early spring bank holidays.

Offers from members to help set up the exhibition on Tuesday 31st March are most welcome. Our work will be taken down on 11th or 12th May. Please let me know if you wish to assist.

This info will appear on Jarrow Hall’s publicity material, their website and on social media. - Mike

Writing on the Wall

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