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Our next workshop:

Please note that due to current circumstances regarding Coronavirus, our regular monthly workshop meetings are suspended for the foreseeable future.

However, we will be hosting a number of workshops online via Zoom format, here are the details for our next workshop.

Susan Moor
'Running for Beginners':
How to develop a cursive script.
10-12, Friday 15 & Saturday 16 January.

A cursive script is not just about joining the letters together; it’s more about the movement of hand and pen. As Peter Thornton says: first find the rhythm. I’m not a naturally flowing writer but understanding this idea of rhythm has enabled me to develop a properly cursive hand.

One of the strengths of Zoom is the ability to show close-ups of writing. So I’ll take you through a series of exercises to help everyone move towards a running italic hand. We’ll look at a variety of historical and modern examples, starting with ‘normal’ italic and then exploring the tensions between control and free movement. How can we adjust pens, paper, size and weight and speed of writing, to achieve the best results?

Our main innovation is to have two morning sessions on consecutive days. Most people seem to find two hours on Zoom is quite enough, and two halves will also give you a chance to absorb what you’ve learnt and practice it between sessions.

I must also stress the opportunity for further feedback. You can send me photos or scans of your practice, and I’ll respond with comments and examples. This gives an additional, more personal, dimension to the workshop.

The cost will be £15 for the two sessions and the feedback. Please contact me on or 0191 5489324, or text me on 07732 382921.

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